Friday, December 28, 2012

Starting Early

Okay, so I said I would be starting the Hedge Witch Cottage after the first of the new year....  I couldn't wait.  I had to get my hands into it now! So after much thought and searching the internet for pictures of actual life size cottages, I have pretty much pinpointed the ideas from real cottages that I would like to incorporate into my miniature cottage.  I've pinned many pictures on Pinterest to help me in my decisions.  I'll keep you informed all along the way of the progress here and on Facebook.  I am open to any and all suggestions you may have as to ways of accomplishing the many tasks ahead of me.

First I had to get one of my work tables cleared off, and oh boy was that a mess!  Now I can leave the house on one table as long as it takes for it to get finished.  (Which will be a while)

And of course I made the ultimate rookie mistake and started punching out parts BEFORE reading the instructions, cause I was so excited to get started. 

My first decisions have been to use a textured spray paint on the outside walls of the cottage as a base.  Have any of you ever tried this paint?

Also I've made the decision to make my own front door as I do not like the one in the kit and want an old looking door with black hinges on it.  As you can see in the pictures below, I forgot to use my cutting mat underneath the first cuts and therefore cut into my table - ugggghhhh!  I can see there will be many, many mistakes made while learning this process! LOL! 

So, first project is to get my door made to fit and look the way I want.  I am beginning with a blank piece of balsa wood that I've cut to size with the kit door and I'll show you later how the almost finished door looks - much to still do to it now!

Thanks for stopping by for a spell and come back often to see what kind of a mess I've made of things.  Perhaps I'll get a few things done right the first time, but I doubt it!!!  ;)  


  1. Replies
    1. Happy New Year to you Carmen!
      feliz ano neuvol Carmen!

  2. veo que te ha podido la impaciencia , es normal , y yo creo que si no cometieramos algunos errores no aprenderiamos de ellos , estoy deseando seguir el proceso de esa casa

    besitos y feliz entrada de año nuevo


    1. Yes Mari, we learn from our mistakes. I am sure I will make many mistakes while building this dollhouse. Happy New Year to you!

      Feliz ano neuvo !