Friday, June 28, 2013

Hedgewitch Cottage Continuation....

Welcome back to the continuing of building the Hedgewitch Cottage!  I am working on this cottage as I can and posting on my blog along the way.  I am showing how I am bashing an inexpensive dollhouse kit and making it look totally different from the original design.  And I'm showing that you don't always have to pay the highest price to have a nice looking finished house.  It's all in the imagination!  That's half the fun!! 

When I left off last time, I had cut the upstairs floors and was in process of doing a dry fit.    Plus I had painted the ceiling side of the floors and was getting ready to stain the upstairs side of the floor.  

Before I put in the upstairs floors I worked on putting up some trim around the two front windows and door inside and out.

Yes, the windows need cleaning.

Here is it is with the upstairs flooring/ceiling for downstairs all painted and stained and glued into place.  You'll see I used a jar of jellybeans to put a little weight on it where needed while drying :).  

I placed a beam underneath the joining of the two upstairs floors to give added support and the jar is sitting there to put some weight on it while drying. 

View from underneath.

Below you'll see the tools I couldn't live without whenever working with wood.  

Once all of the flooring was completely dried, I started adding some trim around the edges to make it look nicer.  I clamped each piece until completely dried.

Now that I have the upstairs flooring in place I can start to work on the roof!  Which I've been anxiously wanting to do since the beginning - but everything in it's time, right?  You really have to catch yourself and say "wait a minute, I need to do this before I do that in order to make it easier"  So here I'm painting what will be the ceiling side of the roof, putting a base coat on for now and will do touch-ups later.

Now, before I go any further with the roof I'm doing a dry fit for the dormer windows, doing a little painting and then gluing them in place.  Clamping them good until they dry.

At this point, I sill have some painting to do inside and out plus I'm putting in window panes and have to stain wood for that.  You can see where I had to cut out a notch on upper side of roof for the chimney to fit.  Which, is something else I have to finish after the roof is done - I have to finish putting stones on the chimney above the roof line.  

This is as far as I've come for now.  Thank you once again for following along on my blog!  

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  1. Looking forward to see more of this =) I really like the fireplace! Hannah