Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween - How It Came To Be

I'm sure most of us by now know the history of one of our favorite holidays - Halloween!  But I thought I would put it on our blog for those who might not know.  Below are just a few facts on the topic. 

Halloween's roots came from the Celtic festival of Shamhain in combination with the Christian holiday of All Saints' Day.  In the very beginning Halloween was a 3 day festival that began on November 1 and celebrated the end of the summer, the end of the harvest and beginning of winter.  This festival was known as Shamhain.  Also the belief then and now is that the border between our world and the other-world becomes very thin on Halloween night therefore allowing spirits to pass through easily.  This is why to this day many wear costumes to frighten away evil spirits on Halloween. 
So light a jack-o-lantern, tell as scary story or two and enjoy what ever your version of Halloween is!

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