Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here We Go!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Glad you've found us and we hope you'll come back often and follow our blog!  In this blog we will be discussing all things about "haunted" dollhouse miniatures. 

Let us introduce ourselves - we are best friends who also happen to be next door neighbors.  My name is Denise and my partner in crime is Gail.  Gail introduced me to the world of dollhouse miniatures about 6-7 years ago and we've never looked back!  We now have an Etsy Shop - Creatively Haunted Miniatures; an Ebay store - Dolly's Gallery; a web site - Dolly's Gallery and you can find us also on Facebook as Dolly's Gallery and Creatively Haunted Miniatures.  As we do with our web businesses, we will be doing this blog together as well.  We will soon have a second blog set up for Dolly's Gallery talking all about dollhouse miniatures too!

Here on Creatively Haunted Miniatures we will be mostly talking about spooky, Halloween, witch, wizard, enchanted, fairy, sprites, haunted, fantasy worlds and sometimes macabre/morbid miniatures.  We will have how-tos on making miniature "haunted" items.  We will begin having "haunted" give-aways starting the first week of November and will have a give-away each month.  We have lots of fun and interesting things that are to come on our blog including discounts offered from time to time in our stores and shops! 

We will always be updating on our Facebook pages about our blog as well. 

So come with us into our spooky, mysterious, sometimes crazy miniature world - never know what you might find!

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