Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hedgewitch Cottage - Phase II

Hello my friends!  Welcome back to the building of the Hedgewitch Cottage!  As promised, I am getting back to my blog and posting my progress along the way.  

I have separated all of the cottage pieces that are left, thought carefully about my plan of attack, and am ready to go forward!

Today I am focusing on getting the second story flooring put in.  I've decided to only have a loft above the downstairs living area.  It will have a small walkway and a small area just big enough for a small bed.  Also there will be extra storage area above the additional room that I added to the side earlier.  
So I checked my measurements twice and cut out the floor.  I am quite pleased with how it is looking  I did a dry-fit to make sure everything was lining up.  And yes, my side room is still crooked, so I have a crooked top floor too! :)

 Now I am ready to paint the bottom side of flooring, which will be the ceiling for the downstairs rooms.  I have chosen to paint this the same color as the rest of the cottage because I thought staining the wood ceiling might make things too dark inside.  

After the paint drys, I will do a second coat of paint as this wood really soaks it up!  After the paint is dried I will stain the other side to look like the flooring downstairs.  Then once everything is completely dry, I will glue the two floors together and put in place and glue all around for a good hold.  I am still using Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue for the entire cottage.  I love the way it really does grab quickly.
My next post will be all about painting the underside of the roof before putting it on.  I've already cut out the roof for the side room addition and have plans for the rest of the roof.  Of course it's not going to look anything like the original house plans calls for - I have to put my own twist on things!  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and following along with me! 


  1. I'm caught up,I read all previous posts and can hardly wait to see more.Thanks Marilyn

  2. Thank you Marilyn! I'm working hard and photographing as I go!